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Friday, October 31, 2008

Interesting E-Stickers......

Interesting E-Sticker Collection

Please DONT become offended by this quotation.  The described remark happens to be very true.

This quotation happens to be true, as well....
This law should be separate from any financial matters.  Thus, if she  requires financial assistance, this should not be reason to grant cus

There was a time when the average man worked 12 hours per day, and 6 day-weeks.  This diminished his quality of life.  CASE CLOSED.

A personal perspective regarding the blue Film Industry

I strongly agree with this statement.  Although, others have devised similar bumper stickers.

Regarding the Immigration Issue  They do NOT support immigration into their nations.

Speaking of Immigration  The Activists discriminate against certain ethnic groups.

Repeat: alternative versions of the above E-Stickers.


Presented by Men's Rights: Social Awareness.

The E-stickers on this site are original material.
the exceptions are: "Organized Labor".
and, "Kill Your T.V.".